This subject popped up during a recent class discussion.

Do our DOUBLE EDGE SELF DEFENSE principles hold up against, well, for ease of discussion, a big ol’ angry attacking canine?

Good question.

My gut said, yes, but with the caveat that the dog’s speed could be a nasty variable.

Nevertheless, just go with the basics: smash targets to create injury to control the brain. Immediately. And remember, we assume the attacker is bigger, faster, and stronger anyway.

And here’s a true story, the first one I uncovered, in a memoir written by Navy SEAL, Howard Wasdin: — as the dog attacked the sailor, he bit into the first chunk of dog he could grab simultaneously pitching his entire body weight onto the dog in a body slam to the ground.

The dog yelped and stumbled away. Human one dog zero. The basics, meaning immediacy, primary injury, secondary injury. It’s all good. Mission accomplished.

Now kangaroos could be a different challenge. And there you have it.

Be safe. DocHo