What We Teach


Learn quickly to deliver the 30 something injuries disallowed in martial arts and sports.  

Learning self protection is as much mental as physical.   We get that: such intentional violence is a moral leap — not for the psychopath, but certainly for the rest of us.  We work it out on the mats.

DESD —  teaches strikes, joint breaks, and throws.  Attempting pressure points, locks, and containment will get you killed.  These subjects are not in the curriculum.  It’s pivotal to know why.

DESD — teaches functional bodyweight strength conditioning, cardio drills and combat-dedicated buddy drills  — to hard wire muscle groups delivering your attack.  


Edge One

           DESD is not about sparring, competition, or belt promotions.    Don’t spend years kicking and punching.

Edge Two:

Chalk talk helps us catch our breath.

Chalk talk helps us catch our breath.

  • De-escalation is  paramount.  Recognize obnoxious, bullying behavior for what it is — the need for dominance.  Fighting for dominance is silly let alone dangerous. Leave that  to the monkeys.   DESD practices sucking it up —  walking away from insults.
  • DESD teaches the thirty-plus attacks disallowed in competitive sports and martial arts, including the MMA systems. Pretty simple approach. You start with the high value targets then plow your weight-driven intent into those targets. “ONE INCH OF YOU ON ONE INCH OF THE BAD GUY.” (TFT). IT’S THAT SIMPLE.
  • Inflict debilitating injury immediately, like now. As soon as possible, you want to be the one doing the injury. 
  • De-mystifying attacker’s weapons: guns, knives, and blunt objects. DESD assumes the attacker is armed, dedicated, and feels no pain. Very scary. Very possible. This assumption is the most realistic way to train.
  • Principles trump technique – meaning DESD does not teach a myriad of techniques or weapon disarms (i.e., a counter move matching each possible weapon).
  • Diffusing the adrenalin dump. Violence is all about chaos, short for disorientation, fear, and panic. DESD thoroughly examines the 3 Fs — fight/flight/freeze.
  •  Do you have to be super fit to deliver injury to a predator?  Basically, no.  Can you be more effective and powerful?  Probably.  The main point is  Fitness is more about health and overall personal presentation:  feeling good begets looking good begets heads-up empowerment. 



Double Edge Self Defense