REALITY and EFFECTIVENESS……  You are given tools, based on scientific evidence..not theory, that can save your life. Having trained in other martial arts, I always felt something was lacking.   After coming here, I had my AH-HA moment.   No katas, no belts, and no egos: Doc’s class is safe but challenging. I have not found his level of expertise or enthusiasm elsewhere in Asheville. You will only be taught the things that work. And they work every time.  I highly recommend Double Edge Self Defense.” – David Almquist

“Doc Howell’s classes are first rate.  I actually look forward to each class.   I learn so much about myself and acquire skills all at the same time. He teaches how self-defense is preferably about awareness, avoidance and de-escalation, but also about practicing simple techniques to end crises in a few seconds.

The best classes are mixed gender because the shared, varied experiences and perspectives are so useful. My self-confidence and self-knowledge has soared…and I’m the nerd type! Doc Howell is a treasure, a master teacher, and it’s clear he’s absolutely dedicated to his craft. And he has an abundance of patience!” – Edward Blomgren, PhD, Asheville

“As a trauma therapist working daily with people that have been assaulted, I can say that Doc’s way of learning the moves slowly, so that muscle memory is formed without overwhelm,  is in line with the latest research.  I highly recommend this program.” – Elli Schmeltekopf, MS, LPC, SEP.

To Put On The Pointy Edge-

The cardio/core sessions are vigorous, yet safe, and vary every class so you’re always working new muscle groups.  I’ve trained in various martial arts for 15+ years and yet this is a type of training I’ve never been exposed to before. The moves and principles taught are no-nonsense, straightforward, and effective. This school is not about belts or flashy moves; it’s all about life-saving skills.    – Chad Kroll

Thank you to Richard Howell for giving me skills I will not only use in college but will carry on with me for the rest of my life.”  -High school senior, Erin Johnston

From a veteran:

With DESD training using gross motor movements with focused attention, I have more confidence in high risk life threatening situations. Dr. Howell combines the physical with academics of self defense and behavioral science. I thoroughly enjoy the classes with Dr. Howell. DESD balances learning, humor and HARD WORK.” – Mike Ward, physical therapist, Asheville, N.C.

Double Edge Self Defense