Who doesn’t want a piece of that answer?

Starting this September, DOUBLE EDGE SELF DEFENSE will be launching a new fitness program. Well, new to us…… We’re excited to commit to this change and get results. We are going to get some answers.

THE FOCUS SYSTEM: Functional body weight training

THE BIBLE: Convict Conditioning, a new title
from Paul “Coach” Wade, an ex-con. He
has trained hundreds of prisoners with essentially no equipment. Talk about paring it down….?

WHY: body weight training (BWT) can help heal/ tone injury, ease-up the raw beginner, build power and strength for the intermediate performer, and certainly advance the most dedicated gym rat.
BWT is for any and everyone, regardless of physical status. Age is no excuse. The goal is health. It feels good to feel good. You can get a six pack if you must.

What I really like is: #1. You don’t need equipment, #2. You are your coach, progressing at your own pace; #3. It fits easily into your busy schedules (workouts can be short) and traveling is no concern.
You just need the book, Convict Conditioning, a bit of space, something to hang from, water, your journal, and 20-30 minutes — oh, and commitment.

DESD will help with that. We will all start on the first week of September, the first 30 minutes of each class, just as before. Self defense classes will follow the workout. WHAT A COMBO!
And as Coach Wade pleads, everyone will start at the beginner level. Everybody — to ensure good technique, to tone the joints, ligaments, and muscles, and bank some anticipation and confidence. We pledge to make progress.

DESD GOAL: We want everyone to experience success without injury. Soreness? Yes. Injury? Going too hard. Going too fast.
The book itself is an enjoyable read with plenty of straight ahead info, humor, and training history going back to the ancients. My copy is already marked up, dinged, and dog eared.

Get you one! CONVICT CONDITIONING by Paul Wade I have multiple copies on hand. Contact me.
We have the month of August to book it! And get energized!