Imagine. Prepare. Practice.

Janet Presson, R.N., M.Ed.

I've been attending Double Edge Self Defense for 6 months now and LOVE it! The workout portion of class is challenging and fun and I'm MUCH stronger and more athletic now than when I began. I hadn't been able to run for the past 20 years due to a knee injury but I am now running stairs, doing core exercises, and fighting off "attackers" much stronger than I am. Doc Howell is an excellent instructor and he makes each class interesting as we discuss and practice possible attack scenarios. He teaches both the technique of injury as well as the psychological factors that typically impact both the victim and the aggressor. ALL women, young and old, should take this class!!!!!

A. McKnight

I live, eat, and breathe martial arts. I’ve been involved off and on in several styles and techniques for over 8 years. Double Edge Self Defense is, hands down, the best martial arts program that I’ve ever participated in. Dr. Howell chains cardio, strength training, focused striking, and behavioral science together into a wonderful masterpiece of self-defense. The workout portions are rewarding and test your limits, while the techniques are effective and teach control over your body and your opponent’s. But most importantly: These techniques will work! Dr. Howell knows body mechanics like few others, and he knows to get the maximum effect with minimal effort. If you are serious about self-defense, this class is for you!

R. Weems

After it had been on my list, I finally started the self defense class after I was robbed. I’ve always thought Asheville was a safe place and I realized I was pretty naive. This class has really helped me feel in control of my mind and my body and has been a life changing experience in a short amount of time. I have a lot of respect for DocHo and the way he teaches. I just wish I had done this for myself earlier.

J. Kelly

After just one class, I realized I had a huge gap in my understanding of violence. I was shocked. This is all so in-your-face, this training. Everybody needs this experience!

Double Edge Self Defense