Imagine. Prepare. Practice.

Double Edge Self Defense is a self protection facility in Asheville, NC. We provide focused, empty-handed, practical training using very targeted martial art principles.

Our goal:

  1. Give people the confidence and techniques to prevent if not escape from violence;
  2. Train every-day citizens to survive violent assault by delivering incapacitating injury to the predator.

We assume the attacker is armed, stronger, and has buddies — a critical training principle.

Equally important is learning the mind set of the predator, that is, the nature of violence. You need some understanding of what you’re up against.

Instead of focusing on defensive moves, we flip the script and teach “personal offense”: in the moment of chaos, the solution to survival is disabling the attacker. It’s over in seconds.

Reality-Based Training

THE FREEZE. When you are being attacked, you experience moments of disbelief and over-whelm. Your body can freeze up. We teach you to recognize the freeze and minimize its effect.

NO FANCY MOVES. NO RULES. With practice, you will hard-wire simple, gross-motor attacks to injure your attacker immediately. These are the 30 plus attacks disallowed in sport and martial arts: they cause serious tissue damage, disqualify the offender, and end the competition.

What does self offense mean when your life’s threatened? You go home alive.

Double Edge Self Defense teaches strikes, breaks, and throws. Our principles are consistent and the movements easy to learn. You aren’t locked into a never-ending pursuit of belts.

SAFE TRAINING. We all want to train safely and you will. Because we practice slowly, you will not get banged up. You can decide if you want to advance into various throws, sweeps, and dumps — safely on the mats.

PHYSICAL FITNESS. It’s optional for students. You don’t need to be fit to injure the predator. We focus on cardio-drills, endurance conditioning, and combat-related drills. For 30 minutes before each class, we crank up the music and dig in. It’s fun, really, especially when it’s over.

The physical conditioning we emphasize is about health and overall personal presentation: feeling good begets looking good, begets heads-up empowerment.

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Double Edge Self Defense