Bin Laden: world-class psychopath Our worst nightmare

We’ll probably never know, and I’d love to know, if the SEAL shooter had the order/option to capture or kill. Given the outcome, we can surmise he had the okay to kill. But the “option order” – that’s the dicey one that can get you killed on target. Let’s dissect that a bit. Bin Laden was never a negotiator. He was a dedicated, experienced predator, a fanatical carnivore. He had been targeting innocents since the late 1990’s’ everywhere on the planet, but definitely in our slice of the orb. At some point during his early years, he discarded his cloak of civility and compassion.

If he were alive this moment, he would be cerebrating your last breath.

Cut to the compound in Pakistan. Every adrenalized nano moment of that raid was kill or be killed. Now you, not the SEAL, step into the third floor room.
You hold the weapon. Ready? Go. Your eyes meet bin Laden’s. There’s no Past, no Future, just Now.

Next you— -order him down at gun point, then secure him.

No you -shoot some magical, instantaneous slug drug to sedate,

no -taser him down,

no -pepper him down,

no -hornet spray him down
-gun butt him down
-whatever him down
-better yet, target his arms, legs… …. and now duct tape him down to the chopper, and off.

Welcome to never-never land: you’re dreaming or dead.

Did the list include your favorite armchair scenario? If not, there’s a-plenty on the airways.

At Double Edge Self Defense we strive to teach reality, meaning we assume the bad guy is armed, feels no pain, has accomplices in the shadows, and is fully committed to your destruction. Right now. You may be injured, fighting panic, empty handed and for the moment – alone. You go full on.

There is no force continuum, no dial-a-commensurate response, offering light, medium light, medium or pretty darn forceful attack. You have ingrained, primal “orders” to survive at all costs. Therefore…….. …. you react FULL MEASURE. Anything less, any expectation of successful containment with diminished force, can lead to complicity in you own murder, whether Citizen or Citizen SEAL.

More later. Be safe. DocHo