dbledgephotospARKINGLOT 233Reality One.The goal is to prepare a practitioner to learn offense (not defense!) in a short amount of time.  In fact you will leave your fist class with some basic skills in striking a specific high value target.

Reality Two:  Techniques must be simple enough for anyone to learn.

Reality Three : Striking practice is performed in very slow motion.  Why?  Targeting is very specific  allowing follow-through and focus while virtually eliminating training injuries.  (See photo).

Reality Four: Even the slickest technique degrades in the chaos of an attack.  Why? The shock of an actual attack  triggers a massive adrenalin dump into the blood stream.  Instantly there is fear, confusion if not paralysis and panic. Nobody is immune.   As a result, the victim may find it impossible to recall/perform complicated  moves.  Therefore, it is important that techniques be limited to gross motor movements, if possible. 

Reality Five: Scenario training/pressure drills can help reduce the impact of the fear factor.  You’ll practice in the car, in the dark, bathroom, crowded hallway, on the staircase.  Comfort is not your friend. Remember: Imagine.  Prepare.  Practice.

Double Edge Self Defense