I just returned from 2 intense days of training at a TARGET FOCUS TRAINING advanced class in Boston.

The content was heavy on breaking and dumbing body parts. There was a bunch of matt time. Plenty for even the hardiest. Too much for a few. I appreciated the variety of ages, body types, and weight classes. The instructors (4) were attentive and helpful.

There were several challenging coordination sets, running 6-7 elements. No doubt there were some very slick, alias cool, dumps and throws. But the emphasis was on good old principles.

The basics got the hammer: do the work, locate/train dependable reaction partners, do the matt time, then get busy on strike break throw, strike break throw.

Get it wired. Get the skill set down deep where we can hopefully blitz to it if life’s violence ever burns too hot, too close.

See you soon!  DocHo