The joy of training.  Season’s Greetings from DOUBLE EDGE SELF DEFENSE!

I hope you are planning some time off over the holidays.  It’s good for the soul.

But for some brain enrichment, I offer several thought provoking, explorative titles.


How to Survive the Most Critical Five Seconds of Your Life, Tim Larkin & Chris Ranch-Buhr

Legal Aspects: The Violence of Self Defense, my personal notes from recent teleconference with Target Focus Training (TFT). Contact me and I will forward you a copy.

The Little Black Book of Violence: What Every Young Man Needs to Know About Fighting, Lawrence A. Kane & Kris Wilder

Meditations on Violence: A Comparison of Martial Arts Training and Real World Violence, Sgt. Rory Miller

On Combat, Lt. Col., Dave Grossman, & Loren W. Christensen

The Gift of Fear, Gavin De Becker


CONVICT CONDITIONING by Paul Wade (I have copies available)

We incorporate much of the above material into your training at  DOUBLE EDGE SELF DEFENSE.

More later. Be safe.