A human mantra, commonly heard: “I just want to lose 15-20 pounds.”

That seems to be a reasonable goal, on the face of it. Heck, just twenty pounds. Now consider what we don’t so often hear, “I just need is to ease off a couple, maybe….. 5 little pounds… eighty ounces.” We don’t hear that one. Why? Because we’re not ready. We’re not sufficiently concerned to begin the necessaries — the labor of reversal.

Yeah, we’re up a few, but we’re not over.

But when the mirror of the mind, the physical body image, reflects that undeniable proof — the tuba tummy — now we enter the cow shoot of commitment!

You betchya! Fast forward to the gym, day one. In the gym, the brain wants to know immediately, how bad is it going to be, this sweaty, bone bending foray. We instinctively grab the kettle bell, the twenty-five pounder. Bad news confirmed: wrenched back. We retreat to the car.

We sit there, recommitting to inertia.  We let what remains of the luke warm latte slide down the mouth hole.

Well…. That’s a bad trip. No endorphins there. No dopamine.

Just the emotional chemistry of defeat….

Time to reflect. The episode was a nonstarter from the get go: wrong goal.

Consider this – – the body “wants” to change shape, like tighten and tone, at least. Meanwhile, the brain wants to get happy healthy.

So, consolidate the two. Blend to mend — and when we do that, we enlist a new, singular voice, a brainstorm to trust. And therefore, consider this –

Fitness training has little to do with climbing on scales to check the progress of gravity.

Gravity is unimpressed with burpees and crunches. Toss the scales! Let carving off the ham hocks be just a byproduct.

And now, consider a new mantra (just an example): fitness( brain training) at Double Edge Self Defense. This is what I do on Tuesday nights — which soon morphs into — — fitness training: this is who I am on Tuesday nights.

So you see, fitness training is really brain training. You’re creating a new voice. Listening to it. Own it!

We’ll help — at DESD. Be safe. DocHo