Imagine, prepare, practice these principles — at Double Edge Self Defense.It’s simple to state the all-important goal: Shut up; walk away. It’s very challenging (to the ego) to implement.


Most of us have been there, man or woman. Someone calls us out: they say, “Anti up, puss head!” At this precise moment, here’s what you know.

You know — that bullying, insulting behavior is — the need for dominance.

  • the more targeted and lethal your ability, the narrower, more limited your application.
  •  the more you know, the less likely you are to engage. — you do the injury, you get the lawsuit.
  • you do the injury, you do the post op regret.

What you don’t know.

You don’t know — the outcome of the violence. You think you do. You plan to kick his butt. You are determined to teach him a lesson. But no:

You don’t go near the unpredictability of violence. The loudmouth jerk just might have friends in the shadows. He could be bigger faster stronger. You, in the midst of the confusion, might slip and curb-crack your head.

You are seething after the insult, but no —- you’ve learned soft talk techniques to diffuse the tension. You practice body language that is protective but nonaggressive. You act on your choice. You suck it up and walk away.

Target Focus Training preaches this:

——– if you have a choice, even the slightest moment for wondering, “Should I engage this jerk? ” you should not. De-escalate and move on with life.

Imagine, prepare, practice these principles — at Double Edge Self Defense. More later.

Be safe. DocHo