What is arguably the most difficult, elusive concept to teach in martial arts or self defense?

I would offer the the difficulty is not teaching how to injure. No.
The challenge is teaching the doing, “pulling the trigger” in the midst of chaos. To act.

Consider the many obstacles. The adrenalin dump, the body’s time tested secretion to activate fight and/or flight.

Numbing, paralyzing fear —iStock_000013956272Large

—— fear of pain, injury,
—– fear of failure or making matters worse,
—— fear of an imperfect response (especially if you are “trained” for such a crisis).

Profound disbelief—

—– disbelief that an intruder is in your room,
—- disbelief that you are being boot stomped down behind the file cabinet at work,
—– disbelief that you’re pouring blood from a gunshot.

There is instant disconnect from this violent reality. Why? Because–it happens to the other human. Always the other guy…….

Let us not forget the all important– our cultural, social core, our code of ethics:

most of us, most of the time, just want to make peace. There’s the essential good in us, not to mention that from birth we learn, in a confrontation, to negotiate, to consider the other guy’s view point, to return another day, to avoid knee jerk responses we’ll possibly regret later.

These potent issues and chemistries, admixed in the moment of madness, are the ingredients of victimization.

Adrenalin, fear, disbelief, inherent goodness, socialization.

What cocktail!

At Double Edge Self Defense, we address them all, plus the one that’s missing

–just plain ignorance of what to do, ignorance of how to immediately injure the predator to save your life.

Be safe. DocHo