We spend a bunch of time in class training the “WHAT TO DO” in the moment of chaos. But we need to emphasis also the “WHEN.” When is violence the answer? When is it morally/legally APPROPRIATE to use the tool of violence?

Part of the answer is an intellectual exercise. Part of the answer is cultural, legal, or religious. It’s wise to give this quandary some consideration before, not just after the event.

Also— what are the repercussions?

For example, let’s say you just survived— you “won”over the attacker. But you survived by incapacitating if not killing the attacker. The courts, the community, your family, the attacker’s family— all parties may be looking at you aggressively. You can be simultaneously— a survivor, a hero, a murderer, a target.

We’ll be exploring this subject more in class.

Tim Larkin, of Target Focus Training, provides some insights: