I just finished another info-packed, mat-loaded, lip-busting, draining 4 hours with TFT Master Instructor, Sachin Makani.  There were 7 of us today in Wyckoff, NJ.   They gave me all I could handle.  Ok. Maybe a little more.  Sachin is focused, knowledgeable, and appropriately uncompromising.  Do some training with him.

Today’s Gold:

— Quality free practice is essential; lots

— Train to switch on your PSYCHOPATHY: if injury is not your only, momentary obsession (intent), you’re in victim mode.  Ain’t no middle ground.  No gray in the spectrum.

— Think of your intent as currency: how much money (energy and effort)can you afford to spend per move with no resulting injury?

— The cross stance, that weird, awkward cross stance, is foundational for circling, dumping, striking. 

— During free practice or multi-man, the pace is NOT driven by when YOU think you have injured the predator. Instead it is when the PREDATOR acknowledges your effort with a spinal reflex…… or not.  Yeah, my high hurdle today.

And consider this….

— Beginner level = a single injury per movement

— Next level = 2 injuries per move

— Next level = multiple injuries with simultaneous dump with one movement

We got work to do.  See you soon.